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Organic coconut cream 400ml

Our Organic Coconut Milk and Cream is extracted from the meat of grated organic coconut. It is low in carbohydrates and gluten and is lactose free. Excellent dairy substitute. We are able to manufacture at different fat percentages from 6% to 30%, based on customer preference. The higher the fat percentage, the product will be similar to a heavy cream.

Homogenizing & Retorting

Colour & Appearance
White Liquid, similar to fresh milk

Food Application
Suitable for baking, as a thickening agent, dairy substitute, ice cream & desserts, curries and gravies.

100% Organic Coconut kernel.
No Artificial Preservatives
No Artificial Additives
No Artificial Flavour or Colours
No Added Sugar.

Dietary Info
Gluten free
Lactose free
Cholesterol free
Suitable for Vegans

Storage and Shelf Life
Store in a clean area without direct exposure to sunlight. Avoid storage in high moisture areas. Best used within 24 months from production date. Refrigerate after opening.
Use within 3 days of opening.

Natural coconut products will solidify at temperatures under 24°c. It is also natural for separation to occur. Shake well before use, if solid submerse in warm water or heat mildly.

400ml, 3l
Contact us for bulk and other packaging options

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