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Organic coconut flour 500g

Coconut Flour is the screened food grade product obtained after drying and expelling oil from the coconut kernel. High in dietary fiber. Contains lauric acid and MCT oil. It is cholesterol free and non-trans fat and ideal as a gluten free alternative in cooking.

Coconut flour is a cream white powder prepared from residue of Virgin Coconut oil extraction. The residue which is cream in colour is milled to a fine powder.

Colour & Appearance
Cream white powder which on occasion may have brown specs from the brown shell of the coconut.

Food Application
Can be used to make bread, cakes, pies, cookies and other baked goods. Use to replace 15% – 50% of other flours. Can be used to thicken gravy, as a bulking agent and as an emulsifier.

100% Organic Coconut.
No Preservatives
No Additives
No Artificial Flavour or Colours

Dietary Info
Gluten free
Lactose free
Cholesterol free
Suitable for Vegans

Storage and Shelf Life
Store in a clean area without direct exposure to sunlight. Avoid storage in high moisture areas. Stored in a clean & dry place. Best used within 12 months from production date.

500g, 1kg
Contact us for bulk and other packaging options

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