Organic Coconut Aminos Garlic Seasoning Sauce

Use our Organic Coconut Aminos as a substitute for those soy-based sauces in your cooking as it is great for making dressings, marinades and dips

Is the Coconut a Nut, Fruit or a Seed

A'Drupe' is a fruit that has a hard outer covering, enclosing the seed that has a fleshy layer inside.

Celebrating the Legendary Cricketer

Celebrating the legendary cricketer and his induction into the ICC Hall of Fame 2021.

Coconut Products and Pandemic times

Ceylon Coconut Company was built with the understanding of how important it is for a mother to be flexible and available for the family.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Natural skin moisturizer, hair care and food supplement.Be local, buy local! 100% Organic, No preservatives, No additives, No artificial flavours or colours.

Creamy Coconut Hot Chocolate

Did you know on a hot day drinking a hot beverage can help you stay cool?